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  1. MichaelHarris259

    Using a Samsung tablet

    search for the compatible app with your camera and install it. You don't need any browser to see camera stream, the app will do the work for you.
  2. MichaelHarris259

    Newbie novice needs help

    Once you have changed your network settings you must re-configure your cameras with the network. Follow user's manual to re-configure your cameras.
  3. MichaelHarris259

    video loss

    If the problem is same then reason must be the same.
  4. MichaelHarris259

    POE Cam cuts power every 5 seconds

    There might be a short circuit in your camera...
  5. MichaelHarris259

    Continued issues GOVISION Cameras

    I think there is a hardware problem with your cameras...
  6. What is the life of your DVR?
  7. There must be a password reset option, if not then contact their support team.
  8. MichaelHarris259

    Best camera for motion detection (video capture)

    I think you should go for Perfect Home Defense for they provide motion triggered Modern Security Cameras with free installation $0 upfront charges. They have both indoor and outdoor security cameras with 180-degree view angle. They are controllable from any smart phone and you can see the stream even in the night.
  9. MichaelHarris259

    Is there any Qihan NVR Iphone app?

    I am not certain about that but i think alarm.com can work with it.
  10. MichaelHarris259

    Mobile Apps Compatible for SavuS DVR

    Try alarm.com. I am not sure but i think it's compatible.
  11. MichaelHarris259

    Day/night Camera graveyard

    You can use hidden cameras but that does not last for too long because of power backup.
  12. MichaelHarris259

    Security cameras for outdoor Protection

    Best way to protect outdoor areas is a surveillance camera system. For further details about how to protect your outdoors, visit the mentioned link https://perfecthomedefense.com/5-reasons-how-to-protect-your-outdoor-areas-this-autumn/
  13. MichaelHarris259

    Important points for surveillance

    Property crimes are everywhere in the states, so keep that in mind. You must need a smart and secure home to live in Illinois. For further guideline read the mentioned article. I hope this will help. https://perfecthomedefense.com/what-safety-and-security-measures-to-keep-in-mind-before-buying-a-new-home-in-illinois/
  14. MichaelHarris259

    Wireless or hard wired

    Its always better to use hard-wired cameras but for the rest of smart devices, wireless systems are better. If you want details about why wireless systems are better, read the mentioned Blog post. https://perfecthomedefense.com/5-ways-wireless-security-systems-are-better-than-hardwired-alarms/
  15. MichaelHarris259

    swann cctv can i cut cable !

    TommCCTV has already provided you with the best solution.