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  1. Hi I how this is the correct topic area of the forum. Long story short, I have a Seculink DVR-7204Z 4Ch DVR, with x2 Sannce cabled cameras and x1 Sentient cable camera attached. The DVR is located in one part of the house, and my home office in another (for various reasons, this is not simple to change). What I want to do is access my DVR though my PC, if possible, but am unsure how to achieve this, so am looking for advice. I'm not a techie, but I generally understand techine - I also respond well to instructions At the moment, the DVR is hard-wired to the PC, and I can see it in my home network. The question then is what do I need (software?, configuration?, etc) to get to the point where I can monitor activity outside without having to go to another room on another floor. MPF
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    Hi Folks I have just joined the forum as a CCTV newby, with a few questions, but not much experience Hopefully, this will all be fun! MPF