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  1. kkassabow

    XM DVR/NVR virus

    Hi Guys, Last mount we saw that many of XM dvrs and NVR try to auto-update with new firmware and stop works. After restart start to works for 5-10 minutes and again block. We are thinking that this is virus that block XM devices (DVR, NVR, IP cameras) and after update with new firmware problem will solve but on XM web site not new versions of FW. Could you tell me if you have similar problems and how solve them. Thanks in advance!
  2. kkassabow

    HM DVR problem

    Hello, I have a problem with HM digital video recorders. The language and settings were change and everything stay on the Japanese language. I wrote about this problem in other site and they told for that problem is found in 108 other countries. Could you tell me what to do, because when I reset the settings after few mounts the problems back and the language and settings were change again? Thank you!
  3. kkassabow

    Monalisa VS Hawk DSP??

    I have a camera with 2040+ICX639BK but do not know how many TVL it is. Can every one help me? Thanks in advance
  4. kkassabow

    IP Cameras Pixord

    Hi Boys, Before some days by internet i find a producer of IP cameras - Pixord. It is their web site: http://www.pixord.com/index.asp If anyone have experience with their cameras.
  5. kkassabow

    AVTECH cameras with Sony Effio DSP

    Thanks for answer. But i think that it is marketing trick of AVTECH, because sony anouced that Effio DSP is compatible only with sony CCD like ICX662AKA/ICX663AKA and ICX668AKA/ICX669AKA. What do you think about this?
  6. If anyone have experience with PIXORD ip cameras. In Bulgaria there are not supplier of these cameras and i can not test it.
  7. Hi boys, Before some weeks AVTECH anouced their new cameras with hi res AVTECH CCD and Sony Effio DSP. If anyone know more about this.
  8. Hi Boys, How you know we are a company from Bulgaria that sale goods and offer services like plan,design and building of CCTV and security systems. Thoroughly we import our goods from China, Korea and Taiwan. Now we are looking for a biggest distributor in Europe of CNB, HIKVISION, DAHUA, TVT and other producers of cctv equipment to buy goods from it or represent it in Bulgaria. Please infrom me if you know about similar company in europe. Thanks in advance.
  9. kkassabow

    GV800 ver. 7.05 lost frames in record

    Hi Rory and thanks for your answer. How i tald before the problem appearance with different computer configurations and it is not in hard drive. Also i can not update to any new version because this card support 7.05 and 8.01 versions but how we know version 8.01 is not stable.Version 8.12 is not supported from my card. Also every time when i use GV cards i update windows xp to sp3 and apply all updates. Now my friend give my a system with the same card (that support the same version 7.05 only) that may be work sable with motion detection. I will try to make some tests and if i find the problem will infrom you. I think also that the problem may be in hardware incompatibility of GV card and mainboard chipset. Current system is with 865P and main board is Gigabyte. I doubt that old cards that support 7.05 are not compatible with new version of intel chipsets. Any other ideas?
  10. Hi Boys, I have the following problem with GV800 version 7.05 of software. When record mode is motion detection in many records some frames are missing. So i can not tracking moving object in record. Every time when i use GV cards i use intel based computers (CPU and Chipset) I changed card with other one and problem remain. I changed and PC and again the problem remain. Last PC configuration is: CPU - P4 3Ghz Ram - 1024MB Chipset - 865 VGA card - ATI 9200 Also the number of cameras does not matter. 1,2 or more cameras the problems stay. I increased and motion sensitive to 10 and again frames in records are missing. When i changed record mode to continual record all is ok frames in recor are not missing. I think that there are a problem whit motion detection algorithm in version 7.05 I attempted this and with other models like GV600 and GV900.Again frames in recors are missing. Could you help me how to resolve this problem. Thanks in advance.
  11. kkassabow

    HAWK DSP What is this!

    The problem is that more companies publish in their price lists resolution like TVL not like pixels. Also i know that more of them lie about TVL.All is marketing tricks. I import cameras basic thoroughly from China because now in Bulgarian market all is the price. Many of Chinese companies start to announce cameras with resolution 600TVL. Some of them use HAWK DSP of NEXTCHIP some MONA LISA of CNB. My question is what is the better HAWK or MONA LISA. Thanks in advance
  12. kkassabow

    HAWK DSP What is this!

    Last time many companies anounced DSP that allow resolution over 600TVL. If someone can tell me what is better: MONA LISA of CNB or HAWK of NEXTchip Thanks in advance
  13. kkassabow

    Geovision CENTER-V2 PRO

    Thanks for your answer
  14. kkassabow

    What is the highest CCTV camera resolution?

    I also think that there are not analog cameras with resolution over 540TVL.All other is marketing tricks. Could you tell me what is the easiest way to covert pixels in TVL. Thanks
  15. kkassabow

    What is the highest CCTV camera resolution?

    HI Guys, Very interesting opinions in this discussion. What about new DSP of Sony EFFIO. They anouced 650TVL in color and 700TVL in B/W Please visit this site: http://www.sony.net/Products/SC-HP/effiowld/index.html