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  1. Ok, I have inherited a 16 channel Watashi WRC126-H DVR ans the cameras, all installed. The system has been a bit glitchy since takeover but overall hanging in there. I recently replaced the two power supplies that power the 16 cameras after channels failing. From time to time we've had the system do several restarts (five minutes apart) and then settle down. Now it seems permanently stuck in a reboot loop. 1) I removed all the cameras (cables at back of DVR) and the DVR powered up fine, left on for hours with no restarts. 2) I disconnected everything and the DVR was fine 3) Opened up, replugged all internal connections several times and then tried disconnecting the HDD (WD 1.5TB). The DVR would not start up, just beeped annoyingly at me. 4) Reconnected HDD, fine. While there tested the mobo battery, 3.05V so OK. 5) reconnected monitor and mouse, all still good. 6) reconnected cameras, lasted 30 mins before first reboot and then back to rebooting every 5 mins. 7) tried different mains sockets, replaced plug top PSU (12v 2.0A, same as original), no change no errors reported except those induced by me 9) psu seems to run warmer/almost hot than I'm used to plug-tops doing. That's my feeble knowledge exhausted, where do I go from this point? I am not in possession of any new/different firmware and have no knowledge of setting the system up if I were to reset everything (I assume it runs on Linux) which I assume is needed if I were to reformat the HDD or return to factory settings, plus no user manual in English that I can find. Any ideas out there?
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    Hi folks

    Coming here, as many others do I suspect, to hopefully resolve some problems with a CCTV DVR unit. Pretty much zero knowledge, so I'm bound to be a pest!