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  1. CobaltBlue

    PAL/NTSC to RBG ouput

    For those interested, here my project so far. Actuately, it's functioning! Both cams are synced by a microcontroller. Same microcontroller thereafter controlls the signals to be combined as 1 vidosignal. Set-up: Combined signal ( this goes into transmitter) At receiverside, there's a free app, what extract A and B into picture for left-eye and right-eye on you phone. ( the phone goes into a VR goggle with 2 lenzes ) Logicanalyzer plot: ( see burst, ODD/even and line )
  2. CobaltBlue

    PAL/NTSC to RBG ouput

    Mmm...for he time being, I'll keep my design as it was. This means: no colour seperation.. Just playing with the frames of both cam's. Allready 've seen some tests, looks promising! Kind regards!
  3. CobaltBlue

    PAL/NTSC to RBG ouput

    Hi, recently started working on a 3d/stereo FPV setup. 3d FPV looks very expensive, so I briefly made some ideas. During this I found following setup, and deicede to try that first: This specific setup, uses 2 cam's ( PAL/NTSC ), a (small) microcontroleller and an ic (4066) for switching analog ( PAL/NTSV) and a FPV transmitter. it actualtely switches (in sync) between 2 cams. Here's the link:https://www.instructables.com/id/Lowcost-3d-Fpv-Camera-for-Android/ Both eyes see alternately the picture from right and left camera. (Both eyes see the same picture at the same time!) So far... The goal is like this: With a step forward, one could devide the colours, to get more 3d effect etc etc... I will not go in details here. The cam's wil be in sync (controlled by microcontroller ), this works fine. The 4066 work fine, too. ( cvbs1 and cvbs2 could also be swithed, so only 1 "?" is needed. )
  4. CobaltBlue

    PAL/NTSC to RBG ouput

    Hi. Monday I'm back and I'll answer! Kind regards!
  5. CobaltBlue

    PAL/NTSC to RBG ouput

    Could this be an idea? Again: I got the sync -signals allready! One cvbs input will do too,as long there's RGB-out!
  6. Hi, recently started using the LM1881 ic's. This ic extracts sync-signals from composite video signal. Things work fine! Now, I'm looking for an ic that can extract R-, G-, B-signals from composite video ( video over 1 wire ). Googled ( like 'pal to rgb encoder' etc ) but I only find RGB to PAL ic's etc... Anyone who can give me a hint for an ic ( or schematic ) ? Like to have the color signals seperated. Kind regards!