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  1. G1zm0

    Newbie from UK looking for advise

    Thanks and for the PM. I now at least know pretty much what I am looking for (just need to confirm if I want / need the 2.8-12mm lens or not) It will certainly be an IP system though.
  2. G1zm0

    Newbie from UK looking for advise

    Thanks Tom, I was hoping you would be one of the people who replied Yes this would be for a new install, I initially discounted IP as I (wrongly) thought there would be no HDD and it would all be cloud stored, I’m glad I dug a little deeper!. I was a little concerned that the 2.1MP cameras would not cut it compared to others on the market. Are there any manufacturers you would recommend? ideally ones you have seen actual recorded footage. Finally what are your thoughts on the reasons Henry recommended the 2.8-12mm Lens, it seems a good call but obviously comes with higher cameras costs.
  3. Hi im looking for advise as I keep putting off installing CCTV due to going round and round in circles not really knowing (or 100% understanding) what would suit my needs best I’m looking for a 4 outdoor and 1 indoor camera system, the outdoor cameras need a range of approx 20M, 2 are well lit at night, the other 2 are poorly lit. The best quality image (day and night) Must be able to viewed on an iPhone & iMac (ideally with no monthly fees for iPhone viewing) Price of around £1,000 (DIY install) I was all set for ordering from CCTV42 as their website seems very knowledgeable (but maybe not cutting edge?) Henry recommended the following: HD 1080P TVI Hybrid DVR 8 Channel £199.95 AV Grade 3TB Hard Drive £109.95 3 x Large open dome 2.8-12mm lens HD 1080p (2.1MP) £99.95(each) 1x B6 2.8-12mm Lens High Definition 1080p (2.1MP) £99.95 Small Open Dome 3.6mm Lens HD 1080p (2.1MP) £64.95 (this one would be for inside a 4m x 4m workshop pointing towards the door) 4 Camera 5A Power Supply £18.95 Single Camera 1A Power Supply £5.95 (workshop) 5x Video Balun with Flylead (pair) for use with CAT5e Cable High Definition 1080p £19.75 5x DC Power Plug £4.95 5x DC Power Socket £4.95 4x Weatherproof Box for External Cable Connections £13.96 CAT5e Outdoor Cable 100m Roll £39.95 Henry suggested the 2.8-12mm lenses so you can zoom and focus on the area that is important rather then use a 2.8 wide angle lens which whilst covering a greater area would lose clarity. This all seemed OK, until I read that the cameras they use maybe questionable quality for the price (they are all rebranded CCTV42). So my dilemma is what system would you recommend (for around £1K) IP or TVI and what manufacturer. Am I better going for the biggest NVR / DVR HDD (6TB)? my thinking is to be big enough to cover for when we are on holiday (up to 16 days). Finally what is the optimum installation height of the outdoor cameras? I assume the soffits on a normal 2 story house is too high (but would be the easiest installation) TIA