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    1 Cam + Switch + 3 NVR need help please

    ——— Hi Paddy, These are NVR, not DVR, a friend has the same setup in DVR and they work fine. With NVR they are POE, when I connect the 3 NVR cables to switch, and then connect the camera , I get cameras from apartment 2 showing on apartment 3 and vise versa apartment 4 showing on others floors. When I called Q-see and Dahua they said that I need to configure the switch, but there tech support, provided me with no help at all. I just need to know witch switch is the correct one that I need to use, and what configuration is needed either on NVR or switch, Do you know what the uplink is used on POE switch ,? And do you know what the Vlan is used on POE+ ?
  2. Hello everyone , first of all God Bless to everyone. I bought 3 NVR Kits , & 3 Switch Q-SEE NVR model QC894 IP HD Q-SEE Cam model QCN8082B IP HD Switch #1 https://amcrest.com/amcrest-5-port-poe-power-over-ethernet-poe-switch-with-metal-housing-4-ports-poe-802-3at-65w-amps5e4p-at-65.html Switch #2 https://teledataexpress.com/Item/252013 Switch #3 https://www.nexxtsolutions.com/connectivity/us_en/asidt054u2 I’ve seen members in this forum that say that Q-see is Dahua but just renamed and rebranded. I've been looking on the internet and ive called Q-SEE customer service and was able to find no help at al, until I came around some posts in this forum. I have 3 apartment, witch all of them have 1 kit alone, each apartment has 3 cameras of 2 megapixel with there individual NVR. For each apartment so each can have there privacy. the 3 NVR and cameras in each apartment are working fine, each NVR with the 3 cameras , that focus on each apartment. the 4th camera for each apartments that I have its on the first floor, so when someone rings the door bell , to 2nd 3rd or 4th floor, they can see who is at the door before they open the door from upstairs. I have 3 UTP internet cable, coming down from each apartment that has is connected to each of the 3 NVR. 2nd 3rd and 4th floor. So basically what I’m trying to do is feed the the 3 NVR each NVR, with its indivial UTP internet cable , from NVR to a switch that’s on the 1st floor apartment. Trying to get 1 q-see camera visible on all 3 apartments, with there NVR. I have 3 switch, 1- POE 4 ports POe and 1 uplink 1- POE + 4 ports Poe, and 1 uplink , Vlan Capable 1- regular 5 port switch When I put the 3 cables that run to each NVR apartment , and the camera that is downstairs , to the switch, I get cameras from apartment 1 that mirror to apartment 2nd floor or apartment 3rd or vise versa , getting mirror imagines from other apartments showing in different NVR on different floors. I tried scanning , and then deleting them, and I got them working on 2 apartments correct , but then when I connect the 3 NVR I get mirrores again .. My question is what I’m doing wrong ? The POE switch don’t seem to work, only the normal switch ,, If you guys can help me and tell me what I’m doing wrong ? Please . everything is working fine, only problem is the configuration of the switch so each NVR in each apartment can see the 4th camera that’s on the 1rst floor. I’ll send you guys everything I have ,, to see what you guys recommend ,,, i brought everything in Miami , to Install here at my family house overseas , and this switch configuration is giving me a headache. I don’t think I have to buy anything else ? I also have a Cisco router . Just in case , but I think one of these 3 switches should do the job right ? P.S Also does POE switch not work with NVR ? Since NVR is POE as well. Thank you in advanced and God Bless all