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  1. ianspark1@live.co.uk

    Lock advice

    Hi Tom Thank you for adding to this. That's a good call with the fire officer I hadn't thought of involving them. That takes all responsibility away from myself. Thank you tom I think you have answered all my questions in 2 words.......'Fire officer'
  2. ianspark1@live.co.uk

    Lock advice

    Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone has any ideas on what type of lock to use in the following scenario. Double fire escape doors in question need to be held electronically shut to stop teenagers with difficulties from escaping the building. At present they can just push the panic bar and walk out. The doors only need to be released in an emergency situation i.e. fire alarm triggered. There is no need for any door access to these doors, just electronically fixed. I cant use physical mechanical locking as the teenagers will simply bypass it. Also, I cant have a Maglock on the head of the door as the door frame header is very low and would cause injury. I've been told that a shear lock is not to be used on an emergency escape door as they have difficulties releasing if there is a side loading on them i.e. some one pushing the door before its released. The doors are as follows. Double, rebated, wooden, outward opening emergency exit doors with existing panic bar on one door (first to open) and panic bolt on the other (2nd to open) My feeling is that there will be some kind of electronic panic bar that will release upon an alarm activation....but I'm struggling to find one Thanks in advance
  3. Hi Just recently i have installed a Hikvision iDS series NVR combined with a Hikvision ANPR bullet camera fo a customer. My issue is notifications to the phone or lack of should i say. I need to have notifications to a phone when a certain number plate/s pass it. In the menu's i have enabled all the relevant fields as far as i'm aware. "notify surveillance centre" is enabled and the schedules are set to "continuous" and "all day schedule" Also, video loss is enabled along with "full screen dwell" Video loss and full screen dwell are both working with the notifications pinging through to the phone but i'm at a loss now as to why the number plate recognition wont send a notification, the options are there and they're (as far as i can tell) all set to enabled. Out of interest i enabled motion record on the ANPR camera and that also pinged notifications through to the phone no problem. I have uploaded a black list/white list and changed the settings to "notify surveillance center" for each but still nothing comes through? Also the phone is set to receive alarm notifications and i've tried it on two phones Any ideas as to this issue would be great Thankyou
  4. ianspark1@live.co.uk

    3G/4G routers

    Hi all Just wondering if anybody has used a 3G/4G router for internet access to a DVR and how does it perform? I'm in the process of quoting for a small 4 cam TVi set up but its a remote location with no internet access. The router will only be used for the dvr as its not an office or a home. Any inputs are appreciated. Thank you