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  1. emmagreen99

    Ring Stick Up Security Camera

    Ring's security appliances are bad. I recommend 2GIG...
  2. What are the important points to consider regarding surveillance before buying a new house at Illinois?
  3. emmagreen99

    Wireless or hard wired

    What do you think wireless surveillance systems are better or hard wired systems are better?
  4. Everybody thinks about home automation nowadays. With this trend to we need to secure outdoor areas? What are some good ways to protect your outdoor areas?
  5. emmagreen99

    Safety and surveillance

    No i think there are better ways like motion detectors and smart locks but security cameras are at the top...
  6. emmagreen99


    Make a website and optimize it. Target social media.
  7. emmagreen99

    Smart camera

    In 2017 and 2018 i think surveillance camera has become an identity for Security systems.
  8. emmagreen99

    IR/Night mode issues

    Try what @tomcctv has suggested that might help you...
  9. Yes surveillance system is a best chance for not experiencing such incidents again.
  10. emmagreen99

    Lorex LNR failure

    Try local repairers you might get lucky.
  11. emmagreen99

    CCTV for Farm with no internet

    You can work with all the devices there but cameras must need power.
  12. emmagreen99

    Dahua DVR

    Use alarm.com to see camera footages i think it is much efficient.
  13. emmagreen99

    PTZ help

    There might be save option some where you just have to look for it...
  14. emmagreen99

    Continued issues GOVISION Cameras

    Best of luck bro...
  15. emmagreen99

    Cannot access DVR remotely

    Try it from your browser if you can see the stream... You can get online instruction from google.