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  1. I have a Wbox WBXHD082S2T DVR, I've set the motion detection sensitivity to the lowest and only selected a tiny tiny area. I still get multiple false alerts when it rains or insects and birds fly by. I have now discovered my DVR has Alarm in for 4 channels, has anyone successfully hooked up anything to a typical DVR alarm in input? It looks like a complex input socket, ideally id like to wire in a fairly cheap (<50) PIR sensor wirelessly to the alarm in, is this possible?
  2. Hi, I have installed a WBox branded DVR (non-IP) with some cameras and its all hooked up to my phone nicely. I installed the CD that came in the box on my Windows PC however I can only see playback video about a minute delayed not live video, its connected via Ethernet (tp link). Its the standard WBox Client software, does anyone know how to switch on live video? The cameras are just black. Also I tried backing up some playback video and it saves to my PC in 360p resolution. Just wondering if its possible to connect to the DVR directly and pull down the files? I also tried installing the web client instead through chrome and IE by going to the local IP (, it installs but the browser thinks its not enabled as it required NPAPI to be enabled, which most modern browsers don't support anymore. Has anyone had this issue? Finally if I turn on motion sensing on the DVR, will it send alerts to the WboX Vms1 app?
  3. cameraman123

    Does such a spec exist?

    thanks ill check it out
  4. I am a bit overwhemled searching various different DVR based systems and can't find anything which confirms this spec. Does it exist or am I making this up? I'm looking for a DVR system that has all this: Backs up (video not images) to the cloud (instantly in small chunks) incase a burglar steals the DVR. I'd like to set it up to backup to Google Drive, if not something else free. Can connect to the DVR via my PC/network to download the videos/mp4s. View instant streaming video over an app via mobile/cellphone remotely (low lag) Records audio. Has a fallback if there is a powercut or burglar trips the power e.g battery. Would be a bonus to have PoE.