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  1. Abdelazim

    New System Design recommendations are needed

    Got you. I'm in Egypt. Well, I guess I will use an electric cable that can hold the 240v then. Many thanks sir.
  2. Abdelazim

    New System Design recommendations are needed

    Thanks tom for your response. Why can't I run 240v and then down to 12v at the camera?
  3. Hello, This is my first post and I'm glad of this forum. I need the experts advises and recommendations for designing a Coax system for a residential compound where i will need to run distances 500:600 meters for the cameras. My thought: For the electricity i will be using power adapters, I thought about running 220volt electricity on the siamese power cord and connecting adapters to the siamese where the camera reside. For the coax is it okay to go 500 meters video transmission, if not, what is the solution? I appreciate your ideas and recommendations for the best reliable and quality solution. Thanks.