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  1. mount it temporarily, check out your view and if its good and what you want, commit the mount, thats what I did in my thread.
  2. Update, the top right hand corner is the original camera that was fuzzy at night, the system is working night and day now.
  3. I worked out what happened to the ir sensor, it was in the shadow of the hood, nothing strange about it... I would say this system glich is sorted, thank you to all that took the time to help... I hope this thread helps other in fixing their fuzzy problem camera's, once again thank you to all that helped. I will pull down the other camera's and paint under the hood and surrounds.
  4. I often come back to my posts to to try and keep typo's to a minimum...so.....am I going crazy or has the face of this camera changed, yes we all know I painted it black, now take a look at the top ir sensor, its now different??
  5. and for tonight effort, it now has a matt black face. Thanx for the suggestions, I appreciate them.
  6. ok, I will paint the front area of my camera and try it out, thanx once more for answering my post.
  7. I moved the camera away from the one facing the entrance, you can see it in the top left hand photo on top of my garage, failure again...blrrr. The bottom right is the view from that camera, you can see it's fuzzy.
  8. Ok, thanx for your reply, the highest camera is the one that is working, as you can see it under the apex of my eve...will try matt black paint first.
  9. I moved to camera to an open space away from everything apart from the shed roof thats about 600mm below the camera. I think there is enough information to hazzard a fix...hopefully, I'm so over it.
  10. If you need any more info let me know...I'm going to mount a camera on the shed you can see in the good photo tonight to see if being out by itself influences the camera's performance.
  11. Thank you for answering me,
  12. Hi Folks, I hope this post finds all in good health, I have security camera's on my property, a basic system, all my camera's work great in the day light, however one of them go's fuzzy at night? a mate said he had the same problem and it was because of a weather guard i had over the top so it doesnt get wet...so I removed it and put another camera up with no "roof" over it to see if it would work with out becoming fuzzy, well it did the same thing and nothing but the stars overhead?? so.... do you have any suggestions to fix this problem??
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    Hi, I am new here my name is JeffD and I've come to learn new things and talk.