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  1. Just wanted to be sure that I have explained everything okay . Thank you very much for the time and information provided!
  2. Hey, thanks for the response, I think that the card I have on the motherboard is the pci card, the intersil A111312-A1 PCB but it has vga input and I use a cable that goes from BCP to VGA to connect the camera to the card. I just dont know how to check if I get any stream going to the pc.
  3. Hello, everyone I have the following question. To start I have a Longse LIA40ETHC200FS camera that I would like to connect to a pc and record/save recordings on the pc. Тhe camera is connected via VGA to the pc(intersil A111312-A1 PCB). I get the video feed when i connect the camera directly to a TV. Now the question is how can i access the video feed on the pc and how can I record it? Do I need some sort of special software? Any information here will be appreciated. If you need more details I will try to provide them. Best, Reguards, Plamen P.S. I am not sure if this is the right place to post, please excuse me if it's not.