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  1. I tried it even with recording turned off on all cameras and it does exactly the same, i upgraded thinking this Hikvision would be better than my old cheap Anran system but i have to say its the same in terms of playback so I thought it might of been something else like a setting could of adjusted?
  2. Hi I am just playing back 1 camera at a time, if i export the video and play it back on my PC its fine but the issue is something happened when I was away last week over the space of 4 days so I need to be able to watch through the footage but speed it up so skipping frames isn't good as it will miss something.
  3. 2410Davie

    Hello Everyone

    Hi Everyone Im David new to here and just set up some CCTV around my house so thought this may come in useful for asking for help if needed
  4. Hi All I recently purchased a new Hikvision DS-7616NI-K2/16P NVR but on playback of any recordings I have noticed if you fast forward 4x or more it skips frames around 5-6 seconds at a time and doesn't play back smoothly so things can be missed. Is there any settings I can change to fix this issue so that when I fast forward I see all the video just speeded up? Thanks David