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  1. dannybpool

    cannot connect to HDR

    Hi all, I'm clueless with it networking etc, so please bear with me. So, ive got an old CCTV DVR (chinese H.264) and decided to connect up to our hub so can view online. Ive connected to the hub with ethernet and then on the network screen on the DVR ive put the ip address as and then noted the ports. On the hub ive then set port forwarding up and all seems correct. Ive pinged the ports and all show open. When I try to log on to the DVR via a viewer, it say connection timed out, If I type in in the address bar, a blank page loads titled DvrWeb-1,0,0,56. Any advice? Static IP IP address Subnet Gateway DNS DNS1 Server Port 10000 HTTP Port 80 Mobile Port 3777