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  1. berry1970

    CCTV / PTZ

    Hi the protocol are correct as it works on a bench test. I am using CAT6 two pairs for each connection thanks berry
  2. berry1970

    CCTV / PTZ

    hi i am new to this site::: Hi got a slight problem with a camera fitted today. HD Camera with PTZ Camera has a approximate 35 meter run coax rg59 with power and a separate cat6 cable for the ptz. getting excellent picture quality but the PTZ doesn't work. I have bench tested the camera & recorder and they work fine) The power to the camera is also at the end of a 35m cable...and has its own power supoly any clues as to why this doesn't work (all cables are ok) Is the power to to far from the camera ? do I need a PTZ cable amplifier? thanks berry