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  1. Hi all I've been looking at ANPR software, specifically OpenALPR as it's open source. This one seems best suited for my needs (just one camera, home use) but it's missing a few features. iSpy's ANPR software wasn't as reliable detection as OpenALPR's. I played with iVMS 5200 - but had issues getting their ANPR to work, or even connecting it to their CMS so gave up early, plus it's lots of $. I may be going down the open source version of OpenALPR but that means dusting my dev hat off and well, I'm hoping there's a similar solution someone might already be aware of? Or has anyone here developed their own version using OpenALPR? I prefer the server/agent set up that can utilise a GPU. Cheers, Adrian
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    Hey all I'm Adrian, I'm old and from a web dev background. Cheers