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  1. rogerdygas

    Good budget dvr advice

    I have 4 AHD 1080p cameras that I want to connect to a reasonable DVR. Can anybody recommend a budget DVR that will support recording 1080p on 4 channels preferably at 25fps?
  2. rogerdygas

    Qvis DVR questions.

    Ahh sorry my bad my current cameras are AHD. I assume these will not work on the qvis dvr? Any way do you know of a good budget dvr I could buy that’ll record 1080p on 4 channels?
  3. rogerdygas

    Qvis DVR questions.

    Ok that’s pretty much how I thought it was. I will have to send it back then because I don’t think the quality will be good enough I paid £45 delivered with no hard drive. What’s a good budget DVR that will record in 1080p on 4 channels on analogue cameras (in an ideal world 25fps) I need to replace my floureon that keeps on coming up with hard drive errors even though I put a new one in.
  4. rogerdygas

    Qvis DVR questions.

    I’ve just won a qvis dvr on eBay and the seller says it’s 1080p revording on all channels however I think it’s only 960h after a little research. I have contacted the seller who says it’s 1080p because it’s had a video card upgrade how believable is this? The model I-APOHDRTIO-16BB