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  1. Hi everyone,I can not configure email on my dahua dvr. I have try different ways but the same thing test error happen please let me know how to configure it and i have some questions?1.Do i have to change anything in TCP/IP part?2.Is it a must to use a static or dhcp ip adress?3.What about dns server?4.How to fill email part in dvr menu as in the photo?
  2. Albcctv

    Networking Problem

    Thank you for your replay. Yes objects are building.for each camera i have to use power because it is not POE solution.Objects are 200 m2 in tototal.All cameras are 2 mp.Actually no camere in nvr / router object.Please ask me for every question and thanks a lot for your support.
  3. Albcctv

    Networking Problem

    If somebody can help me please replay to this post.WHAT I need to know .?1.I have to install all cameras in these objects as you see in the photo .2.I have devices as described in the pic ,34 ip cam, 1ptz cam,16 port switch etc.3.How do you think is the best way to connect these devices with equipment that i have in hand.Do i need to add any other equipment ?How to connect switches to each other to make it work in its best.All the solution is Longse Brand and joystick too accept switches.
  4. Albcctv

    dvr email problem

    hi everyone, can you help me to explain why my dvr doesn't send an email about the code to open in my mobile?and how that happen? thanks