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  1. Does that work for you? curl --user="admin:pass" http://hostname/cgi-bin/snapshot.cgi --digest -o /mnt/ramdisk/snapshot.jpg Cheers, Uli
  2. Exactly this url (i used http://admin:password@hostname/cgi-bin/snapshot.cgi) gives me a picture BUT (and that is why i don't use it) it takes ages to get the picture back and thus has a high delay. Therefore i'm using a solution like riogrande75 but with a daemon that runs continuously and writes every couple seconds the image to a ramdisk. Through that i have the "current" picture available for anything you can imagine, e.g. Telegram or Fritz!Fon You don't have to include the #0, i just have 101, 102 etc as room names. And DEE1010B is only possible to be available once on the RS485 bus to my knowledge.
  3. Enable the internal SIP Server again, then make the room configuration and disable it again - seems to be a UI issue. Regarding the HTTP command for unlocking: Primary Unlock (in the VTO2000A): http://admin:password@doorbell/cgi-bin/accessControl.cgi?action=openDoor&channel=1&UserID=101&Type=Remote Secondary Unlock (the DEE1010B): http://admin:password@doorbell/cgi-bin/accessControl.cgi?action=openDoor&channel=2&UserID=101&Type=Remote Cheers, Uli