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  1. Both do not work. Note: this was done with the Date as 22/11/2018, as the previous date had time 11PM, and now over an hour has elapsed since that, going into the next day.
  2. Does not work (tried with admin account)
  3. I will do as instructed. I asked because I want to gain knowledge of how the reset passwords work, i.e. why they require 20mins of power off. ? Serial Number (From paper label, attached under DVR) : 13029-161223-1 Date on DVR: 21/11/2018 - 23:00:00
  4. Why does the DVR need to be switched off for 20 Mins. Can I observe the difference this makes? How long is the code Valid for ?. If it is time limited, can I have the code for Today, Calculated from the INCORRECT date/time setting on the DVR Screenshots provided in previous reply.
  5. Hello! can you make a screenshot with DVR date and time and web interface? Yes. Attached are the screen shots.
  6. For DVR item: Qvis Quattro Version 2 (Quattro-V2-. How can I reset the password ?. (Qvis will only provide reset password to Trade Account customers, which I am not). Anyone know how?.