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  1. What do you guys think about the camera selection, placement, and image quality? Would a different camera work better here? It is Lorex LNB8111. The images are too big to attach so I put them here. There is no need to create account to see them. Thanks a lot!
  2. I am new to CCTV but not new to computers and electronics. I think it would make difference for systems with large number of cameras recoding continuously. I think for systems with 8 cameras not recording continuously, which should be your goal as you want footage going back as far as possible, it will make no difference. I would rather get bigger HD than smaller spinning faster.
  3. ozcctv

    found it!?

    LOL. Thanks!
  4. ozcctv

    CCTV v PC Monitors

    I would not worry about it. If it becomes a problem, you replace it down the road. The monitor itself is inexpensive.
  5. ozcctv

    Security camera help

    It is not trivial to install POE camera system as it is a wired system. I was in the same boat, spent days researching, and just ordered Lorex 4KHDIP86 bundled system that seems a very good price for what all is included with the 25% off coupon.
  6. ozcctv

    Lorex LNR failure

    I am curious which alternative you have found. Do you mind sharing?
  7. People replace fans with good quality ones that are much quieter. There is even youtube video showing this done on one of the Lorex NVRs.
  8. ozcctv

    Lorex NV900 Help

    I was about to buy Lorex NV900 system. The online CSRs were quick to response although not very knowledge. How do you like the system other than your bad experience with the CSRs? I guess Lorex is just a rebranding and advertising company.
  9. If you read my 1st post you would see that I spent 2 days shopping with no results. There are many manufacturers and so called "manufacturers" even one bashing another one and making false statements, it is very difficult to compare products even within the same brand name, support often givens wrong information, it is though out there. Is there a list of good brands, trusted resellers, sponsors of this forum that I can use? If there is a different way I should approach this please let me know. I am a skilled DIY, looking for a 4k up to 8ch IP NVR system. Any help would be appreciated!
  10. ozcctv

    found it!?

    I spent 2 days researching and shopping for a home video security system. I do not know how to justify this to my family especially since I bought nothing. My wife told me that I should to what other people do and buy any system from a big-box store. I also could not find a good forum to ask question until now, I hope. I found things that made me question integrity of people who sell these systems...oh boy what a journey and time wasted. Black Friday sale is not happening for me. LOL I will ask for help in the right subsection. Thank you!