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  1. I am not sure if this is of great interest, but it was to me. The installation of my Lorex Wire-Free Cameras and their connection to the Wire-Free DVR was lacking due to the rather short distance the cameras operated. At what I thought rather short distances , the cameras seemed not to pair or operate when placed within the stated normal distance threshold. There were brick walls and not in easy direction-ally visual sight.. (most were close or outside through a window). My Tested and qualified solution was to adapt (rip apart and adapt) a wingard.com, un-AMPed : Winegard Fl5500s Flatwave Amped Indoor HDTV Antenna. Meaning I did not apply any auxiliary power to drive the antenna. I think this was a version I purchased some time ago... when winwgard sold an un-amplified version. The added distance is worth it if an inexpensive HDTV antenna can properly propagate Lorex's proprietary 2.4Ghz signal. Mine worked! Adapting was as simple as cutting off the standard coaxial end of the antenna and affixing it to one of the antenna ports of the Lorex USB Wire-Free Antenna box! Cheers! Hope this helps!