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  1. This is a clients system actually. He's got a little house in the countryside and there's 5 Unifi G3 cameras dotted about the place. One of them looks down at his back door, which is surrounded by gravel, and the image quality on the gravel just looks like the camera isn't sure how to process it and it looks terrible. I try to explain that it looks fine as a person walks into view but he's not the easiest person to get information across to. The other problem camera is a Unifi G3 Pro which has a zoom lens focused on his front gate. Again, gravel in the image, but also the bushes are having the same issue. He's super paranoid and keeps downloading recordings, digitally zooming in on screenshots and asks me if I can see the faces in the bushes...... He's crackers and difficult to deal with is what I'm trying to get across. So he's up for a new system being installed and doesn't care what it is as long as it's got crystal clear clarity on everything and the night vision is excellent. The furthest a camera needs to see is about 40 meters but that will likely be zoomed in. Other cameras are about 10-15 meters max. Not sure whether IP or analogue is the best way to go here. Can someone give me some advice? He'd likely be willing to go up to £300-400 per camera so there's no need to skimp here. Thanks