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  1. paulandrewwalker

    In-bar sports on CCTV

    That's great. Thanks for the information all
  2. paulandrewwalker

    In-bar sports on CCTV

    So here is an Amazon link to the product I'm using: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B013SL9WGK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_xdNbCb8SQWCJ5 Only the board itself interest me, not the players. No sound either.
  3. paulandrewwalker

    In-bar sports on CCTV

    Before anyone worries - don't. I'm not talking about licensed sports. I'm talking about sports that are being played in the bar, namely Darts, being televised elsewhere in the bar. I have CCTV recently installed throughout, and I have plenty of spare slots for cameras. This is why I decided to put one on the Darts Board. The problem is, typical CCTV cameras are designed to pick up as much of the surrounding area as possible, and not for picking up the intricate segments of a Dart Board. I want to buy a camera, preferably with the same typical CCTV connections, that has a lens that concentrates the view to what's directly in front of it. Does anyone know if these sort of cameras even exist and, if so, what I'm typing in to search for them? Many thanks in advance, Paul