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    Indoor Cameras ??

    Are you looking to have the internal cameras on a completely separate system? If not, what system are you running for the external cameras? Also, what is your budget?
  2. So Chaps, I would like to know if when installing CCTV on a House, do you; 1. Always Hide Cable No Matter What, (such as running it in the wall cavity)? 2. Run Cable Externally? 3. Either Depending on the Price of the Job? 4. Hide Cable if poss, but if not externally? Also, if running in the cavity of the wall, what are your best tips or hacks that you've discovered Thanks in Advance
  3. Mr-Pickles

    In-bar sports on CCTV

    Also depends on whether you want to pick up the player, the dartboard or both. Plus are you after picking up any sound? I'd have thought not, but thought I'd ask.
  4. This video explains what a split monitor setup looks like Hope that helps
  5. Mr-Pickles

    Memory card in CCTV

    Some cameras do have the ability to input a memory card. What system have you got, as this will make it easier to give you a better answer?
  6. Mr-Pickles

    Qvis Eye-e36-v2g - accessing camera OSD.

    I have recently started using the maxxone brand which has a better price than the Hik for a very similar quality kit. It's definitely worth a look before committing. Just a thought.
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    Hi Asher, This seems like a good place for when you get stuck. What with all the new gear coming through, it's easy to get lost with it all.