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  1. Hello all Apologies if this is in the wrong slot. Was looking for a section on home cctv system, but there doesnt seem to be one on AV forums. Or, if there is, somebody please point me in the right direction. I've seen plenty of Hikvision and Hiwatch (made by Hikvision) for sale and wanted to know if anyone can testify to the quality and functions, features of both? Or, if anyone knows of any good reliable brands of cctv to check out? As for budget, was hoping to get the full kit for £200 possibly ? I only need night vision 2 cameras (2.4mp or 5mp), 2 cables and the 4 channel DVR unit. Nothing extreme, as its for a small property. Just want it to run in the background either continously or motion detection. As for cameras theres dome and bullet, so whats the best and why? As for DVR hdd, whats the difference between desktop hdd and surveilance hdd? Thanks for reading.
  2. hello all looking forward to speaking to you. all the best