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  1. Thanks for the reply. I should have been smarter and waited until after Christmas to post my question. (We have a family retail business!) I'll probably have to wait a couple weeks to do testing, but I will! Thanks! Andrew
  2. I have two questions: 1) Can anyone recommend a brand/model NVR that would not have the problem described in question 2? (We might just replace our NVR.) 2) We bought a Q-See QC8116 NVR with 16 cameras. We ran direct POE cables for 12 of them, but four cameras are connected to POE switch then to our network router. From the router, a network cable is run directly to the NVR. Cameras that are direct runs to the QC8116 consistently work perfectly . . . . . . HOWEVER . . . The four cameras are connected to POE switch have been a total pain. Initially, all the four cameras worked. Then over a period of weeks, those all four cameras went offline. One of these I've never been able to get back up. I manually added the other cameras back in via the NVR. But now we're back to 3 of those 4 being down. Troubleshooting has been as follows: - Tested all ethernet cables from the switch to the four cameras with a tester. All eight wires in each of the cables lit up green (good). Cables are perfect. NOT THE CAMERA CABLES. - Swapped out the existing POE switch with a different POE switch and the problem persisted. NOT THE SWITCH. - Took a known working camera and swapped it for the camera that never works but the problem persisted. NOT THE CAMERAS. - Tested the ethernet cables from the switch to the network router switch with a tester. All lines in the cable lit up green (good). Cable is perfect. NOT THE NETWORK CABLE. - Turned the DVR off and back on. POWER CYCLING DIDN'T FIX IT. We don't know how to fix this. I don't know if this is a known defect with the Q-See DVR when used with networked cameras. Q-See support has not been very helpful. They gave some useless suggestions and it's been many months now of continuing problems. Any advice? Thank you! Andrew