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  1. Video Astronomy was trying different camera's that are as small as that camera and that could use a 1.25'' adapter. It looked very similar to the Revolution Imager camera that sells for $300 bundled, was trying to save a bit of money trying to see if I could just find the same camera or one like it. Cause I don't really need the bundled kit. At this rate I've almost spent enough money trying camera's like this that either don't have OSD with UTC feature. I believe a few other people possible came here asking about camera's for Video Astronomy.
  2. Eh gonna have to give a call around town for a security camera shop and see if I can get them to do that, will double check the out come of the camera by disconnecting it and hooking it up to a small monitor and seeing if it stays. I mean here's the funny thing I right now have a HD UTC Controller I've set it to both AHD and CBVS and it didn't pop up a menu with the UTC controller which is why I find it a bit funny do I really need to do this connected to a DVR or should the UTC Controller enable me to switch. I guess I might have obviously left that part out about me having a UTC controller.
  3. Tried that couldn't get a menu to show up, also the buttons on the back of the camera are not making the menu come up either. The button on the back of that camera has a set button pressing on it doesn't bring up a menu, took the cap off the front of the camera, their is no image going thru the camera. Tried using a BNC to USB capture card nothing tried connecting it to a small monitor no image shows on it either. And I am using the CVBS cable both cables have a yellow plug one for male and one for female. It's freaking silly if the camera can only be used by a DVR I have never heard of a security camera that requires a DVR to work. The seller on Aliexpress claims you need a DVR as well.
  4. Purchased a AHD Security Camera off Aliexpress not sure what the issue is with the camera but link to the camera is below.. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/2-0MP-1080P-HD-AHD-TVI-CVI-1200TVL-CCTV-Security-CS-Box-Color-Mini-Camera-OSD/32882234708.html Problem I am having is that their is no picture showing when it's plugged in and power is on, I removed the cap that blacks the sensor and I can clearly see the chip in the back. Red LED on the back of the camera comes on, have the camera connected to a BNC plug that runs to a dash cam monitor no picture is showing on the monitor also tried using a USB capture card that connects to a computer still no image all of the stuff I am using works fine with other BNC security camera's. I am not sure if their is a bad board I opened the camera enclosure housing every thing is connected wires look fine but no video shows up I should at least see a over exposed video but nothing. Was told by the seller on Aliexpress that I need a AHD DVR to test that camera would that really be true that the camera would only work with a DVR and can't be tested without a AHD DVR I am a bit confused why that camera wouldn't be able to display a picture without a AHD Dvr but all my other BNC camera's work fine without a DVR. They all use a 12v 1a AD/DC adapter and have a BNC plug and will work fine with the monitor or USB capture card connected as far as I know nothing is different.
  5. Was curious if their is a way to make a non UTC camera able to use UTC, Picked up a couple of Security camera's off Amazon the attempt to use them for Video Astronomy, however appears the one doesn't support OSD the other one supports OSD however it doesn't have the ability to use UTC. I would assume maybe a add-on board might be possible but not sure, Or is their a way to adjust the camera settings without having to touch the camera? The the camera that at least has OSD but doesn't have UTC is... https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B016XJ5WPO/ Their was one thing I noticed I did buy a UTC controller I'm not sure what or if their is a difference from a HD UTC Controller and just a UTC Controller, because I've HD UTC Controllers and I've seen just a controller that says, UTC on it. Thanks for your time!