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    Need help indentifying wires

    Hello Tainted, I think you should use a toner device to find cable and identify each ends. You will need a helper to help you on the ends to do it fast. fluke devices are good but you can find cheaper on amazon. https://www.flukenetworks.com/datacom-cabling/copper-testing/IntelliTone-Pro-Toner-and-Probe Then after you can use the cable depend on the functionality you wants to use those for. Audio : Low voltage stranded cameras analog and television : coaxial internet and ip cameras : ethernet, cat5/cat6 Jay P. Dicsan Technology
  2. dicsan1001

    Ip camera not detected

    Hello Tony tiger, the best i think you can do is connect that cameras on a regular network with dhcp and then search for the camera in the network subnet, to search if the camera pickup an IP address on that segment. if you can't find the camera by doing a search of the ips in the subnet, then the only way you have is with a tool of the manufacturer which will find the camera on a level 2 communication (MAC). Also you can use the camera manual and begin the procedures as a new cameras by doing a factory reset. Jay P Dicsan Technology
  3. Hello, Perky if you have any problems with the power line adapter to send you data. 1-) Long distance you can use wireless bridge which transmit a transparent link, you can use from ubiquity there are several types you can use like (nano bean ) https://www.ubnt.com/ For the ubiquitti product you can get a preconfigured pair if you dont have the skills to get it paired. (from amazon) 2-) If you have a existing wifi you can use a wireless extender this option is cheaper and works, the adapter need an Ethernet interface. You can use from TPlink they are user friendly. https://www.tp-link.com/us/products/details/cat-5508_TL-WA850RE.html Wish the best on your project. Jay P. Dicsan Technology
  4. dicsan1001

    DVR showing wrong timing

    Hello Henry, 1- Some times when the DVR is new and we do the setup, if the Time Setting is 24Hrs clock, we can set the wrong time selecting 03:00 meaning PM but the DVR is 24hrs clock and the time is 3am . 2- If you DVR has a battery design to keep the basic setting data persistent, it could be a worn out battery. 3- Last thing i think could be,it is a faulty firmware on the DVR, probably a factory restore or upgrade can help to solve it. Greetings Jay P. - Dicsan Technology
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    HACKED appears on all my Cameras

    the problem with some cameras is the firmware need to be updated as soon it is detected any glitch , and also the cameras need to be from a genuine brand , we use the Hikvision brand which is good we services miami florida and this security cameras are the best in the CCTV industry. At the end you need to expose you cameras to internet to connect from, update firmware is the best solutions to bugs.
  6. dicsan1001

    Looking for residential security camera system

    I would highly recommend using hikvision brand is one of the most important you can find We provide cameras in Miami and we only use this brand because over the time it has been the best
  7. dicsan1001

    which security camera brand is better?

    you should look for commercial security product, retail product will be good but doesn't have quality for long time service, hikvision is one of the most important brand in the world today check on the website different models. You need to check and select the proper camera depend on your location.
  8. dicsan1001

    Home Security

    if you want good product you should buy commercial grade product, probably you will need help on configuring it. i would recommend buying Hikvision brand is really reliable and good pricing. You need to check with a professional about the 360 degree camera, not always this cameras are apropiate for the area to be covered. good luck!!!
  9. You need to contact the manufacturer support or website from where you purchase it, credential are specific per manufacturer.good luck!!!
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    hello, you can run a cable to extend the mouse regular one, you need four conductor low voltage wire gauge 18-22, two wire for power and another two wire for the rs485 comunication.
  11. dicsan1001

    Networking for CCTV

    Always all recorders will need an internet connection, most of the time it will use a wired connection-RJ45 jack or patch cable, cameras also can use cat 5.
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    Newbie from UK looking for advise

    Hello you can use a motorized camera available today online, you can purchase from Hikvision they have good pricing on professional security cameras. Also their cameras has a cloud services which work really good and is free for life. Jason P.