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  1. starlite4

    User Manual

    Hi Well the reason i bought a 5 in 1 unit is simply that i am totally inexperienced. It appeared to be a cheap enough system at a couple of hundred quid,, and if i am honest i don't even know what makes a 5 in 1 as opposed to a 4 in 1.. My wife's car was vandalised twice outside our house and i simply had to try and do something about it so my Son talked me into security system with 3 dome cameras which connect via bnc, and this dvr. My son helped me to get the system running, and all cameras actually work, But. on the bottom left of the monitor for camera 3 a red triangle has appeared, which when clicked on, pulls up a split screen. Headed Error Status. The left of this screen says alarm exception, underlined by Motion. And the right of the screen says Information channel ID underlined by the numbers 1.2 This is the main reason why i wanted to aquire a proper manual so that i could possibly View faults. However In view of what you have so very kindly helped me with so far, i think its time to Visit the Shop and have a friendly chat with the Manager. Cheers Mike
  2. starlite4

    User Manual

    Hi sorry its taken so long to get back but after your questions i got to thinking a bit and decided to contact qvis at the link you gave me. I sent them photos of the dvr which has Viper pro logo on front and a couple of screenshots of the menu screens. A guy called Matt replied to me saying this is definitely not one of their dvrs. mmmmmmm I am not really sure where i go from here, are AAA Manchester selling copies, are they advertising this illegally. Or are they allowed to do this. Nothing on their website stated that these are not the real thing. Maybe i should ask Trading Standards. What do you reckon. See attached. Cheers Mike
  3. starlite4

    User Manual

    Hi tomcctv Thank you for your speedy reply, very much appreciated. I have downloaded the link. However this is not the one, maybe i have missed something. The only thing i can see is that i did not describe it accurately. Its a Viper Pro 5 in 1 Hybrid DVR. Thanks again if you can help. Cheers Mike
  4. starlite4

    User Manual

    Hi Guys My first visit to this site, hope you can help. I have purchased a Viper Pro 5 in 1 DVR. In the package is a 2 page starter user guide. Would any one know where i can get hold of the full user guide. uk version. I think it originates in China. I purchased DVR from AAA cctv Manchester but they are not giving any feedback on the issue. Cheers Mike