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  1. Lanza


    Great and thanks. That’s about the only thing I didn’t try and not quite sure how it will work but certainly will give it a go. But how does this affect iPad which only works on WiFi? Any other thoughts appreciated as well.
  2. Lanza


    Hi Integrator, sorry for the delay but new to the forum and hadn’t realised there were no notifications. I can connect in Spain on 4g on my mobile using Vodafone to whom I am contracted in the Uk. Also connects on phone and iPad using wifi. in the Uk I was able to connect once with 4g then nothing again on that or wifi. Once back in Spain everything back to normal! No data restrictions on mobile or wifi.
  3. I am using iDMSS in Spain for my Dahua cameras. I can access ok via iPad and iPhone while in Spain but when I go to the UK it “Fails to respond.” As I really need to use the system while away and in the Uk I wondered if anyone had a solution. Thanks