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  1. hello this my post, really i join this forum old time already. i have problem about software application cms. i am using cms universal in my pc cctv server. i am installing 3 dvrs each branch in my company. total cameras is 72 channel from 4 branch departemen of company. sometimes application cms universal get problem, be crash, so that all channel cameras is force close. so i must connect all cameras from begin. always repeat it. so what i must doing this problem solving..?? how to find it solution..?? my spesification cctv computer server : Intel Core i3 8100 BOX 3.6 GHz Mainboard Asus ROG STRIX B360-G 1151 V-gen Tsunami DDR4 8 GB Gamemax PSU 450 W Samsung SSD 860 EVO 250 GB speed internet is up to 20 mbps for 72 channel cameras
  2. Hello guys.. i need your help guys i just buy new dvr for my company, the merk is AHD DVR 32 CH i already installed 24 camera all around my office, when i playback recording looked, there is option 32 CH, but only 16 CH activated default (16 CH font colour is green). i dont know why like this. how to fix this problem..??