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  1. frankysaint

    cameras/system with best motion detection

    Hello Tom, Thanks for the response. May you suggest brands and models? Thanks.
  2. Hello, Just wondering if anyone has any experience or suggestions on security cameras with the best motion detection. I am looking for one that has minimal to zero false alarms. Motion detection shouldn't go off when it is raining or there are many mosquitoes at night flying around. Currently have a Lorex Lhv221600. thanks in advance, Franky
  3. frankysaint

    Dog poisoned

    Hello guys, I wanted your input. If this is the wrong forum, please let me know which forum this post should be in. Okay, I have been feuding with my neighbor in the back for at least 10yrs now. He is an old guy, maybe 75 yrs old. He is the type of guy who would call the pound when dogs bark in the neighborhood. He would also curse at people in the neighborhood when they pass by his front yard and he is outside. Anyway, my dogs always bark, I think when there is a female dog in heat in the neighborhood. They go crazy. To make the long story short, one of my male dogs I found dead the other day. I had him check to see if he was poisoned. And yes he was with antifreeze. My other dog is a bit more picky eater. So he didn't touch it. How do I know it is my neighbor, I just know. The antifreeze closest to his side of the yard and not close to my side neighbors. I have talked to lawyers but they are playing devil's advocate and saying that I would need actual proof. I do have a security camera (Lorex 16 channel DVR I got in 2015) up but it isn't that good with night vision and there are blind spot in the backyard. I want to upgrade my system. What do you recommend? I have been looking to upgrade my system for sometime now. I am thinking of getting an NVR system. My budget is less than $900. My house to the block wall in my backyard is about 50ft long. From the block wall to his house, I assume is also 50ft long too. This means that the max night vision on the system should be at least 100 ft if a camera is to be mount on my house. I also have a 2 story home and he has a one story home. I don't mind getting two systems, one attached to my house, and set up another one closer to the block wall since I have a shed near the block wall. The problem with having a system inside the shed is that I want notification on my cellphone and don't know if wifi will be strong enough. Also if i have one system, I would like to have camera closer to the block wall to eliminate any blind spots. The problem with this is getting daily access to the video. Or don't know if there are any systems that will send the video to a base inside my home. The security system should have excellent night vision. It should have minimal false alarm. I should be able to search areas videos quickly. I have thought about thermal cameras as well. Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. Franky
  4. frankysaint

    new here

    Hello Everyone, I am new here. Franky