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  1. I notice sometime my NVR WD Purple HDD is showing 1. Seek error rate worst 2. Read error rate worst 3. Reallocation sector count worst 4. Reallocation event count worst Etc Please what could be the course of each showing worst Thanks
  2. henry457


    Am using dahua product for my video surveillance.Am using DVR 7832S with 8x2tb Purple WD HDD. I notice my dvr is skipping record time,freezing, takes time to load,etc.All the hdd are showing ok but I know that one of the hdd is faulty.Please how do I identify the faulty hdd causing this problem?.It has 8 hdd Thanks
  3. Please someone should differentiate between dss pro and dss express.which is better
  4. Please how do I identify a faulty hdd.sometimes the smart info show "error","slight","worse" and "ok" but I observe that some hdd that shows "ok" are bad.please can someone teach me how to identify faulty hdd through S.M.A.R.T info.
  5. My dahua xvr 5816s with build date 08/08/2017 is working very fine.i can ping my IP and gateway successfully.the internet connection is stable. My smart pss is showing "ofline(timeout) status" each time I run the program,it takes more than 30 minutes to show "online status".the desktop i installed my smart pss has stable internet connection.i have tried all I could to stop this delay of coming online or showing offline(timeout).I install the latest PSS. Please anyone with possible solution to this problem and also,can you please tell me the cause of this delay in coming online or why it shows offline(timeout) for some minutes before coming online. Your response is highly appreciated Thanks
  6. henry457

    Dahua dvr skipping record

    Camera record setup are very ok.Also,most of our dahua dvr HDD always show "worst" after one or two months of usage.we have tried to fix this problem but we keep having the same problem.we use purple WD HDD. Please I would love to know the cause and how i can solve this issue
  7. henry457

    Dahua dvr skipping record

    On monitor playback
  8. henry457

    Dahua dvr skipping record

    Some days have skipping records.these days can't be play
  9. Please 1.what is actually the cause of skipping records. 2.How can this problem be solve permanently Thanks
  10. Please what could be the cause of this problem and how can I solve this problem
  11. henry457


    Thanks for the document. For the past one week I have been on field work,I realized that most of the problems we have experience on CCTV are channel to the hard drive like 1. DVR restarting by itself 2.CCTV showing offline status on desktop 3.CCTV cannot be view locally, etc Please is their a technical book or document or video that can teach me how to troubleshoot fault found on DVR/NVR/XVR/HDVR For instance, 1.hard drive issues.How the can be solve 2.some channels in the cctv is blurred 3.rebooting with flag (0*04) 4.Image view is very slow 5. The most important of all is when cctv get faulty,there was no data recorded within that period till when it is fixed, data lost cannot be retrieved Any document or technical book or videos that can help me improve CCTV troubleshooting skill
  12. henry457


    Thanks.please do we have any troubleshooting document/workbook for CCTV.
  13. henry457


    Though the company is training me,I just want to have knowledge in CCTV while am undergoing my training.Am also a graduate of Electronic and Computer Engineering, telecommunication major.hence i have knowledge in telecommunication, computer, electronic,networking and linux
  14. henry457


    I already have knowledge in Cisco networking and linux.I do go for field work also.I just want to have something to study while am acquiring experience.
  15. henry457


    I just got a new job with a security company.we do installation and maintenance of CCTV, burglar alarm,bullet proof door,etc.Am looking for any useful documents that can teach me how to install and maintain/troubleshoot CCTV.