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  1. First time poster and cctv noob. I’m hoping to get some help identifying what I have in my house. I know next to nothing about cctv, but I got a degree in electrical engineering 20 years ago that I never used, so talk fast and I’ll catch up. The house was built in 2006 but remained empty in foreclosure for the better part of ten years. I bought it in January and have been repairing/updating it. I’m just about done and it’s time to figure out what all of these wires are. The photos below show what I have. In the living room, there are two sets of wires coming out of the wall, several feet apart. One has 6 coax cables. The other has 6 coax, 2 more coax connected to each other, 2 yellow Ethernet cables, 4 white 2-wire cables, 2 white 4-wire cables. 3 of the white 2-wire cables are marked with pen as FL, FR, RR or RL (going off memory here, 3 of those are correct and one incorrect). The photo with three white and one yellow cable is just inside the front door. The only place I have seen the yellow ethernet is here and the living room. I have an alarm/communications panel in the upstairs laundry room, but no yellow there. There is an enclosure on the outside of the house with coax inside. 6 coax are stubbed out from the wall here. Are these wires for a cctv system that was never installed? Can you help understand the purpose of each wire? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.