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  1. Hello to all , greetings from Niagara We would like to monitor using mobile phone, the 2 cameras that are installed inside the vehicle and plugged into the video input of regular DVR. We already have the GlocalMe G3 mobile hotspot with built in WIFI and want to get a WIFI USB dongle and plug it into the USB input on the DVR Looking for some advise...….thanks a lot for your kind assistance Cheers John D MD
  2. spyshops

    Installing 2 HD Cams in a Bus.

    Hello there, did you us the USB WIFI/3G dongle to connect the Hikvision router to the WIFI network or use a USB WIFI dongle to stream live video to mobile hot spot like Glocalme or similar hot spot apparatus? Can you send us your phone number, Skype name or email address to discuss. What is the language that you speak ??? our Skype is: jjj123000 - email: john@spyshops.ca I am willing to reimburse you for your help thanks a lot Cheers,best regards
  3. Hello to all Forum members I want to stream live video from my car using the Glocalme hot spot router. Can I use a regular Hickvision DVR and a USB 3G/4G/WIFI stick to stream live video from my vehicle trough the Glocalme mini hot spot to my mobile phone ? Please give me a complete guidance if possible Appreciate your help BR John Dee