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  1. Gator

    image is blurred when capturing moving people

    Three times $30 is not the best camera, even with pixim on the label. Night ratings may be with quoted for sense-up or dynamic noise reduction or with a larger lens than is installed. You should leave day/night mode on so that night photos will receive enough infrared light to form an image. Don't expect color images at night unless you provide a white light source. Turn noise reduction off. Noise reduction works by taking a series of images and averaging them together. If there's a change in the scene, that gets smeared to the next image. Your camera may actually have poor light performance and played specs-manship on you by having noise reduction or sense-up turned on. That will make it pass the test but not provide useful moving images. Your cheaper cameras work better because they don't have those features while they had good low light sensitivity but poor color rendition. You probably need to spend closer to $200+ to get the camera you want and this is still low cost compared with your application. Even in that price range, you will need external lighting for night.
  2. Gator


    To add an IP camera to the GV800, does the camera have to be Geovision? Do I need to buy a license or bongle?
  3. Gator

    GV HD-SDI 204

    Can this card be set to record continuously on a scheduled time? For example, could I record daily from 8:30 to 9:30AM, continuous video? Can I do this on more than one channel?
  4. Gator

    Camera for Intercom Box.

    Yes, I have a few of them. The image quality is surprisingly good for the size and price. It works okay in low light but will in an IR source in darkness. You could add an IR led to your enclosure. It is IR sensitive and it has no IR cut, so image suffers some in daylight, as all cameras lacking an IR cut filter will. The lens is not interchangable (because they are not sold seperately), but if you search eBay, there are two different lens versions, one for 90* viewing and another for around 55*. For the enclosure you propose, I can't think of anything smaller. Most board cameras are 1.25" or 1.5" square which would be too long. If you could use these larger board cameras in a larger enclosure, I would recommend removing the camera board from a CNB camera, model DFL-20S. The DFL-20S is not quite as good in low light, but it's sharper. You can put an M12x0.5 taper lens with focal point of your choice on the DFL-20S board.
  5. Gator

    Camera for Intercom Box.

    Look on eBay for MC900
  6. Try a polarizing lens that has adjustment. Adjust to see through the windshield. You'll be amazed.
  7. Gator

    Coax lightning protection

    Mount the protection device as close as possible to the ground rod at the point of entry to the building. Protecting the building and occupants is more important than protecting the camera or DVR.
  8. Do a google search on "mailbox skunk".
  9. It's the infrared coating that causes this difference. Energy efficient windows are coated to block IR. The camera is sensitive to IR but the IR response shows as different colors. If you can put an IR filter in front of the camera, the colors will improve.
  10. I missed that point first read through. I was thinking he had two CNB's interacting and that would be fixed by using 24VAC. With a baby monitor, I don't think it's going to make any difference to change power source on the LMB24VF. Disable the LED's on one or the other camera if that's possible. Maybe duct tape?
  11. I think it's working like Soundy says and pulsing the LED's. Continuously variable analog control would waste power. With one camera slightly off time with the other, there's a beat note in the lighting. Another source of IR fill in light would probably kill the problem. They might sync up if they were both put on a 24VAC source.
  12. It depends what you want to see. If you google "cctv field of view" you can quickly calculate what the camera can see for each focal length with an online calculator.
  13. Gator


    Has anyone here used the KPC-N700NH8? How about with it connected to Geovision? Is it a decent performer?
  14. Gator

    Help with my Ivigil 540TVL

    You should de-rate these well below label specs. The aluminum capacitors inside are bare minimum for the job so running them close to spec rating will have a shorter lifespan. There's not much difference in prices on these solid state power supplies. A higher current rated power supply will necessarily have more output capacitors or a larger one with a heavier ripple current rating. I would go with like Rory says, 2Amps, even though the 1Amp will run the camera.
  15. Are there any other sites DBA this firm?