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    Hi At present we have a wired 3 camera cctv colour system fitted that is connected direct to a 8 channel dvr, but unfortunately none of these cameras have sound. We have now purchased 2 different makes of hidden external microphones, one of these has 3 leads white red & black, the other one has only 2 leads = white & red all. The problem is that the colours on the 3 core extention cable are do not fully match the 3 core cable on the microphone. The colours on the 3 core cable on the microphone are red white & black, yet the colours on the extention cable are red white & yellow We know that the red connectors obviously connect together -the same goes for both the white connectors that supply the sound. We are now left with 1 connector on each lead = a black lead on the microphone and a yellow connection on the extention lead, (any suggestions) The second microphone has only 2 connections 1 x white + 1 x red, the extention cable has 1 x red & 1 x yellow, once again these colours do not match. We have had these cameras for many years and are fully aware that the red = live & the white = audio & the yellow = video, so we need to know how to get either extention lead to connect correctly so that we are able to receive audio. Has anyone got any ideas as to how to sort this problem out Many thanks