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  1. Hoolie

    How do I choose ?

    Thank you. But your comments have confirmed it’s way to confusing. Well out of my depth we just need cameras at the front and back of the house as I fall frequently and my sons want to be able to check see all is ok And I would have liked to see who was at the door before I opened it I just wanted someone to say this system is good all the letters being used really is so hard for one to grasp. Im sorry I have caused such a fuss xx
  2. Hoolie

    How do I choose ?

    Oh my days - thank you! This is why I asked the question. My boys are old so not very good with gadgets like their mother :-)). But I have a grandson who’s very efficient. The boys just thought we should have a professional the other big thing is knowing what to buy. It’s a mine field xx
  3. We would like a cctv system but haven’t a clue what to look for. We live in a two bed semi bungalow. Because of our age and disability the children would like to be able to check on us :-))). Baby monitor in reverse haha