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  1. DocLangsdale

    Wire colour code -application

    Hi Thank you for your kind reply. kindest regards Brian
  2. Here are pictures of an A2Z fire alarm (with hidden camera). Obviously the black twin lead is for connection to the CCTV control panel. There are four seperate wires (black, red, white and blue) 2 for the zone and two for the power. Can anyone please tell me where each colour is connected to on my Veritas 8 alarm panel. Thank you for any kin d assistance Brian
  3. Attached is a photograph of a smoke alarm manufactured by A2Z and houses a covert CCTV camera. It appears that a twin flex is for the camera and 4 other wires 2 x black, 1 red and 1 white for the smoke alarm. I wonder if any kind Member can advise me with regard to wiring up this item to a CCTV control box PLEASE Thank you for any assistance. Brian
  4. DocLangsdale


    Hello and seasons greeting to all Members. I am just a DIY enthusiast getting used to security systems and components. My qualifications are paramedical so not a lot of use in this field. Hope you will tolerate my ignorance and afford me guidance when requested. Any help will be thanfully appreciated. Brian