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  1. RadioJohn

    Remote access software

    Hello Tomcat Tomcctv sent me to https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/explorer-cctv/id962250656?mt=8 to obtain the iPhone app - seems to be working OK now - just follow Toms instructions earlier in this thread. Cheers - john.
  2. RadioJohn

    Remote access software

    Tom - You're a star! All working now, thanks very much for your help. Best wishes and happy new year! - John.
  3. RadioJohn

    Remote access software

    Thanks Tom (I make the assumption that's your name; please forgive me if I'm wrong).Where did you send the link, as I can't see it anywhere? I just checked for messages, but can't see anything. I really am very grateful for your help with this - it's not often you get help like this...
  4. RadioJohn

    Remote access software

    I'm using XMeye. It does work, but it usually takes ages to access the server, and swapping views between cameras is pretty much of a joke. XMeye set itself up from the QR image provided by the DVR. I'm trying to find another app which directly addresses the ports on the DVR, but so far, have drawn a blank. Do you know of any other app which will work with these machines, or are they designed to 'talk' to that app only? Sorry about the delays in replying, but I'm trying to juggle this with hospital visiting Cheers - John.
  5. RadioJohn

    Remote access software

    Firstly, it appears the DVR has an internal webserver, as if you enter its default IP address into explorer, you can gain access to video, as well as machine settings. This is how I use it at home. In settings, I have fixed its IP address to a (static). I have a (paid for) DDNS service provided by DynDNS, which is updated by my router, so the DDNS address will always get me to the router. On the router, I have port forwarded the http port, the media port and the RTP ports. This works great on any pc anywhere I use it. The problem is that when I access the machine from an iPhone or iPad, I can access the machine, but the DVR and iPhone don't seem to 'talk the same language'. It opens the DVR access page (user name & password), but does not recognise the inputs from the iPhone. I know there are H264 decoders available for this machine - it does work on XMeye OK, but the speed, connectivity and availability are virtually unusable for about 90% of the time, so reliability on a third party is the problem. My query is that if it can stream through a remote server (XMeye), why can't I access it directly? My previous installation was accessed by direct addressing, but had other downfalls. Thanks for your reply, and wonder if there is any other solution? If not, It's going in the bin All the best - John.
  6. Dear folks I have an HD iDVR H264 recorder, which is designed to be used on the XMEye cloud. The problem is that the cloud service takes an unfeasibly long time to connect, and change between cameras. I can access the machine directly on the network with Windows 7, and all is well. I use DynDNS, and can access the system from outside the network on a pc without using the cloud service - this is also OK. When I try using either Safari, Chrome or Firefox browsers for access from my iPhone, the DVR refuses the password and won't allow access. I have tried numerous viewers from the AppStore, none of which will even connect to the machine. Anyone got any ideas please? I'm fast running out of options I can think of... Thanks in advance and happy new year - John.