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  1. Swillman

    HELP with nvr please

    Im in mass. The modulators i have found seem to require a tx and a rx at the tv? sorry for all the questions
  2. Swillman

    HELP with nvr please

    Thank you very much for your time and help. Is the modulator sonething that had to go on bothends if the coax or just one? And can you recommend one?
  3. Swillman

    HELP with nvr please

    Should i look for a new nvr that has a BNC video output?
  4. Swillman

    HELP with nvr please

    They are smart tvs not looking to control them just monitor them like i have been doing for years prior to changing dvr
  5. I recently upgraded my home dvr to a nvr i have 16 cameras and 5 monitors throughout property that had been run from bnc to rca adapter to monitor from the video output of dvr. My problem now is the new nvr does not have a bnc video output.. how can i convert the hdmi out back to sdi? I have tried hdmi to sdi converters with no success. Thank you in advance for any help