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  1. Hey Tom, If I just record to SD card on the camera then isn't the system rather weak to having the camera stolen? I was thinking about doing that, just not sure on the pros and cons. Or if there is way to automate downloading the SD card to the cloud via the Ethernet cable (I kind of assume such a thing is possible, just not sure how easy to setup). Budget wise is a bit tough as I don't know exactly what I need. I guess up to £200, but ideally a lot less
  2. ha, I'd never even heard of a NAS before So it would be possible to have a PoE IP camera and not even have the NVR? More stuff for me to look in to. By the way the most complex DIY job I have done is wire a Cat6. To be honest I was mostly terrified it wouldn't work as from memory there are 16 connections (8 each end) and I could easily have messed any of them up
  3. Thanks for the detailed reply Cortian. I live in quite a built up area with good street lighting, so I don't think a motion sensing light would do much good (other than to help potential thieves see better ). PoE sounds good, but obviously adds quite a bit of expense. Do you have any NVR recommendations? Seems to me that any one camera solution is open to being bypassed quite easily. Depending on the camera they can remove the camera, remove the SD card or remove the NVR. Any intelligent and determined thief would take about five seconds to work around anything I could DIY (I think). Then again I want this as something to 'scare' off opportunists, so paying too much for this seems counter productive.
  4. I am not looking for one with an alarm function. As I understand it most of the newer cameras come with motion detection as standard? I'm not sure on the pros and cons of an always on system versus one which only comes on when motion is detected. What has prompted me to look into this is finding that someone had rifled through my car (when the car was parked on my driveway). They emptied out the glove box and various compartments in the front of the car but I had nothing of value in there, I think they stole about one pound twenty, strangely deciding that the remaining ten pence wasn't worth their time! I imagine I had accidentally left it unlocked, which is rare but mistakes happen. So either there is someone (or some people) going about at night checking all the cars almost every night or it was an unfortunate coincidence (on my part). I'm leaning towards the coincidence part, but I guess it's a more regular event than I thought. I think a camera would be enough to deter such future activity. Plus obviously the thief will be somewhat emboldened by constantly getting away with it. The police couldn't care less about such a minor incident as they simply don't have the budget to even begin to address it.
  5. Hi, Thanks for taking the time to read and lend me your expertise :) I want to get an outside camera but am frankly bewildered by the options; these are the features I'm looking for 1. Obviously decent image quality. 2. Ideally cloud storage, without being charged a subscription (if such an option exists). 3. Ideally I'd like it be wired rather than wireless and/or battery powered. But I'm not an electrician so looking for something simple. i.e. one hole through the wall and then plugged into a wall socket and my router. Again no idea if this option exists. 4. Budget wise I'm open to suggestions. Predominately I just want a sensible camera which acts as a deterrent. Many thanks