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  1. michelle8

    oyn-x recorder

    thanks for your help pal go into now rang a bloke at oyn-x and he gave it me thanks got to learn how to use now ha ha
  2. michelle8

    oyn-x recorder

    can you send me details so i can post picture its to big to send here
  3. michelle8

    oyn-x recorder

    no its been used before it as login as admin 888888 and 666666 i need the password thanks for your replys
  4. michelle8

    oyn-x recorder

    thanks for any help i bought a oyn-x recorder box but have never used it it need ststem login . first the key board doesent seem to work so im off to try another one but i want to reset password any help would great
  5. michelle8

    im new

    i guys im new here and would like some help thanks