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  1. Hi Guys I'm looking to buy a cctv system that i can record and view through an app and desktop solution etc. I'm looking for 4 cameras but the ability to add more later. possibly a camera you can rotate remotely at a later date (if system allows) or a doorbell cam. I'd like to think I've done a bit or research and got rid of the cheaper ones but my budget is about £500 top end but i want as good as i can get for it. I've read PoE will enable me to get 4-5mp which will allow better resolution on zoom etc than a 2mp so unless i'm convinced otherwise it think this is the way to go. Below links are the 2 i'm sort of looking at but as there are loads of you out there that know ooooooodles more than me about this i'd like o know if one is much better than the other....... If there are any others you'd recommend please feel free. Thank you in advance. Reolink - click here or Hikvision - click here. HELP PLEASE