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  1. I park in an underground garage in an apartment building. Car vandalism issue. Mostly scratches here and there. Suspect inside job. No source of electricity / AC outlet. I have different external options to monitor vehicle. Trail cam that is motion activated, Brinno Mac200 cam via motion detection. Both can run on batteries for a long time. My ideal option would be a 180* or even 360* small cam that can run on batteries (can also hook up to an external battery. Install it inside the car, looking out. Digital motion sensor is best as it will have to work thru the glass of the vehicle. The trail cam and Brinno may not work behind glass like a car window. Any suggestions? PS. In the past I have used those small DVR hooked up to a camera. It has adjustable digital motion sensing. If enough pixels change in the FOV, it activates. Doesn't matter if there is a piece of glass in front. I run it via a large external battery (can last 24 hours of continuous use) but it uses up battery life fast.
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    Wireless vehicle surveillance in garage

    Thanks for your advice. I have the Viofo dual cam. The garage is several stories down, so no WiFi. If I could get WiFi to work that deep underground, I would. It is the ideal situation to be alerted to an event (motion detection). If it's a really busy area, then not so good as you'll keep getting alerts. On a different note, I have the Ring outdoor cam which I will use indoors at my place. WiFi. Have not set it up yet but will soon.
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    Wireless vehicle surveillance in garage

    Thanks. I have been exploring this option as well. I may be able to get away with the external cams for awhile but ultimately the solution would be in-vehicle surveillance. I recently purchased a 2 camera dash cam and it has a Parking Mode feature as well. I may choose another single channel dash cam (very wide angle) to use solely as a surveillance cam (outside or inside the vehicle). I was looking thru this video. They have an external battery called the Cellink. On the expensive side. I have one of those large and heavy Battery Eliminators (2000 amp hours and 700W). Not being into electronics, I wonder how long a dash cam would last before the battery runs out. Yes, I can always try it and find out.