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  1. Nathan_camera_man

    Lost password for Tmezon dvr.....

    Greetings forum. I could use some help on the classic password reset for an off brand Tmezon dvr. The gui looks like hikvision ? Ive been attempting to contact the seller and Tmezon supprt to no avail. the dvr is at my senior citizen father's house and he's been having issues w meth heads. Any help would be awesome, i desperately need to review some footage before its too late. Thanx in advance forum!
  2. Nathan_camera_man

    Forgot password on TMEZON dvr

    Greetings @delpiero I was wondering if u could assist me in a tme zone dvr similar to the one discussed earlier. My father lost his password and has been vandalized . Any help would be appreciated thanx in advance!