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  1. I don't need anything fancy or customized... I'm just hoping to buy the whole system out of the box, but combine the two features... one of feature which comes with Lorex system.. and the other feature in Q-see system. I didn't know that they were both Dahua... un till yesterday... it would be nice if they combined two features together in one unit... I see Lorex or Q see system going for around $600-800 for 16 channels with 2 TB harddrive.. . So I'm hoping to get it for under $1000. Currently I have both Q-see and Lorex 1080p cameras, so if I can get by with just buying the recorder with right software in it would be nice if I can save some money. I am fine with the video quality... I lowered resolultion on ones that is not that important, so I can have longer recording time. Do you know any system that can do both motion alarm out full screen and smart search?
  2. Thanks for the quick reply... I contacted the Lorex and once again asked if they had system that can do these 3 features. They told me lorex products can only do smart search during the playback, but not the motion full screen or the text write over. So I asked of Lorex was part of Dahua and how I can get the dahua pro. They gave me a website to dahua security and told me they don't have any other information. So I browsed dahua website and I think I found a product that can do 2 of the 3 things for sure.. XVR8816S-4KL-I May be over kill for what I need, with face recognition and stuff... but where can I buy this and how much would it be? or if there is a simpler (and cheaper) system out there, can i get a suggestion? My must have features are really two.. motion full screen (pop-up) and smart search.
  3. I am looking for a cctv system that has following three features. smart search- when reviewing the video, be able to pin point to an area and filter out video footage with only motion at that area. pop-up- when viewing live, whatever channel detecting the motion goes full screen on monitor for like 5 seconds and goes back to normal viewing. text write over(?)- be able to connect to cashier software and display the screen of cash register over the video footage as text or any other format. actually, I can live with just first two options. third option will be very nice, but luxury. I have tried two brand so far.. and bought both of them from Costco.... Lorex- I love the smart search feature... when something goes missing... just pin point to the area where the item was and viewing software filters it.. saves me so much time trying to find out where the item went. Q-see - I love the pop-up function. It is like camera's have producers watching the customers on live tv... as soon as customer walks in to view of one camera it goes full screen... and then when the customer goes in to view of other camera that channel goes full screen. very fun and helps to watch out for shoplifters. Really hard to go back to 3x3 view after getting used to full screen view. Yi- I bougt a single camera for testing and it has interesting feature of following the movement. so it will follow people until they go out of their sight. kind of nice.. amcrest- also single camera. Very fast loading time to view it over phone and sound quality is clear (only listening, talking quality is very weak) I have talked to both manufactures and they said they didn't have the other features available. anybody knows affordable system that is equipped with both functions? and text write over functions also? Thank you so much.
  4. I have Q-See I got from Costco about two years ago.. 2016. It has Pop-up feature you can set up to do that. I think you were able to select how long you want that pop-up channel to stay full screen before it goes back to whatever viewing mode you had. It is very nice feature for my convenience store. almost like video camera is following a customer poping up video channels whenever they move into new camera's view. It enlarges, so easier for employees to monitor for shoplifters better than watching 3x3 screen. However, it kind of acts funny when there are few customers in the store at sametime… too many movements. But overall very nice feature.