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  1. Hi, this is my first post here. My company is a manufacturing environment which has utilized old analog PTZ cameras for the last 20 years. We are in the process of replacing all of these cameras with AXIS Q6155-E PoE PTZ Cameras. I have a lot of experience using AXIS cameras and in particular, AXIS PTZ cameras, but I'm trying to find a switch where I can power all cameras without the need for an injector for each camera. AXIS PTZ cameras will not turn all the way on when connected to a 30W poe injector or a switch with PoE+. 60W per port is a must, but it has been nearly impossible for me to find a switch which provides 60w per port for multiple cameras (approximately 6 to 10 per switch). For the most part we have used Cisco and Netgear Prosafe switches for PoE requirements. The best I have found for a replacement switch that says it supports this 60W requirement is this: https://planetechusa.com/gsw-1222vup-8-port-101001000t-ultra-poe-2-port-101001000t-2-port-1000x-sfp-gigabit-ethernet-switch-lcd-poe-monitor-380w/ https://planetechusa.com/gs-5220-24upl4x-l2-24-port-10-100-1000t-ultra-poe-4-port-10g-sfp-managed-switch-600w/ My question is does anybody have experience with this brand or this kind of setup? Any suggestions at all on how to improve this setup?